Mexico Wellness Retreats and the Gypsy Circle

Wellcations and the Gypsy Circle – A perfect union.

As I was completing my naturopath appointment with Dr. Susan Anderson, I shared with her some information about our newly formed Gypsy Circle, a collective group of wellness practitioners who came together for the greater good of all. The Gypsy Circle realized, in our collective-life experience, that when we come together to support each other, nirvana happens – the perfect state of happiness – in work, love and life.

We began discussing how the old energy of the pyramid in business is fading away and the new energy of the circle of everybody coming together as equal is what we are evolving into. The concept of Ubuntuhumanity towards others.

Dr. Su asked what we had planned on doing with the Gypsy Circle.  “Travel around spreading love.” I said, “We are ready to facilitate yoga retreats, WellCare fairs, yoga classes, meditation workshops, shamanic breath work, intuitive readings, ceremonies, celebrations, events, the list goes on and on… the excitement of the group is exhilarating.”

That’s when it happened; she turned to me and said. “Would you consider facilitating a retreat with me?” That is the moment everything shifted for me, I was scared, excited, nervous…all the emotions wrapped into one big ball of holy shit…here we grow!

I thought to myself – all the details, all the planning…how could it possibly happen? The Gypsies got to work. What would the retreat be? The list included Reiki sessions, Happy Hour spa foot massage, meditation workshop, yoga classes, ancestral  honoring ceremony, and more.

Puerto Nuevo Grand Luxxe Resort…here we come!

Mountain view out my window.

Before I knew it – we had planned our very first retreat – Mexico WELLCATION 2016. We stayed at a luxury resort, Grand Luxxe Residence, “over the top”, exquisite views of the mountains, the ocean, the endless pools and hot tub’s, the luxury suite, the welcoming smiles, it all took my breath away.

My spirit felt rejuvenated as we did yoga in the gorgeous resort pool.

Sunrise at Grand Luxxe Resort – Puerto Nuevo, Mexico.

We spent mornings watching glorious sunrises while meditating and relaxing.

All of the luxury was outshined by the plethora of education I received in assisting with the facilitation of this yoga retreat that Dr. Sue named a Wellcation. It truly was a union of mind, body and spirit. As the week progressed, the individual transformations became crystal clear. Then I knew…This is it! I have found my calling.

I have experienced 2 phenominal retreats in Mexico with Dr. Su. Our 3rd Yoga Retreat,  is coming up in October 2017. this time we are adding in Reiki attunements and in Suite massage.

Join us for a Wellness Week in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico Grande Luxxe Residence.
Dr. Su • Luxury Suite • Endless Pools • Yoga

Presented by:
Dr. Susan Anderson – Doctor of Naturopathy, Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Guide
Angel Hawk Destinations

Char Adelmann – Reiki Master, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Retreat Coordinator
Oasis Yoga and Meditation

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The Gypsy Circle and now come “full-circle”. We have found our mission. This is our calling. We help transform lives by sharing our gifts, for the greater good of all. I call this pure bliss.


Reiki Energy for Yoga Class

This weekend I received my Level II Reiki attunement. I then applied the teachings I received to prepare the room for class this morning. Prior to the Yogis entering, I cleared the room and opened it with Reiki. My experience guiding the Hot Fusion Yoga class was more than amazing. I could feel the class healing as they floated on their energized breath. I will use Reiki to prepare for all my classes going forward. My body was trembling after class. It was a feeling of complete presence that cannot be explained, only experienced.

Love to all!

How to Create a Peaceful Life “Inside and Out” with Meditation and Yoga

We can use the movement in our Yoga Classes and the relaxation of Guided Meditations to create a peaceful life “Inside and out”.  The movement in Hot Yoga, for example connects our breath to our body through our mind. One Breath_One Movement. In Guided Meditations we also connect our breath to our thoughts through our mind.  In our exploration of the mind, body, breath connection we learn to recognize the space within us where peace is always present.

Long, smooth breath creates a calm, clear mind and an open, healthy body.

As we practice connecting our breath, mind and body it brings us to that still place within all of us.  In keeping this place clear we learn to respect our troubling thoughts and emotions. We learn to recognize our thoughts as thoughts without attaching any emotion. This enables us to simply allow them to enter and leave our minds. We recognize that by attaching to these troubling thoughts and emotions we begin to clutter up our mind. In our Yoga and Mediation classes  we notice that our breath, mind and body function optimally when they are working together. The fewer non_serving thoughts the mind is distracted with, the better our practice will be.  We create our own practice, calm and open or complicated and chaotic. Our choice.

Learning to be comfortable in this new space of awareness is the next step. Taking the awareness off our mats and into the ‘real’ world is the next.

We can use this space within our awareness to recognize thoughts that are not serving us. When our lives present complicated, emotional or troubling thoughts on the outside, we will know we can go to our peaceful, clear place on the inside. The fewer non_serving thoughts the mind is distracted with, the better our quality of life will be.  We create our own life, calm and open or complicated and chaotic.  Our choice.

My Gramma Gee was right!  It is what’s on the inside that counts.


Why should I practice Yoga and Meditation?

At Oasis Yoga and Meditation, located in Lakeville, MN, we offer different types of yoga classes and meditations services tailored to our clients physical and emotional needs.

The Physical and Psychological health benefits of Yoga and Meditation are amazing.

Yoga and Meditation can affect our entire nervous systems in a positive way.

Physically Yoga and Meditation has been proven to heal our physical body. The list includes but is not limited to:
Reduces muscular tension, Strengthens immune systems, decreased blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels, promotes deeper and more restful sleep, reduces stress hormone levels, increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation and feels great!

Psychologically Yoga and Meditation can assist us in many areas that are related to our state of mind, such as:
increasing our intelligence, improving our memory, enhancing creativity, drastically improves our ability to think clearly, decreased anxiety, helps to resolve addictions, reduces irritability and moodiness, decreases and eliminates depression which leads to many more smiles!

“In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness” — Gandhi

Charlene Adelmann, Oasis Yoga & Meditation, MN, Yoga Teacher

Yoga Plus Meditation Equals Transformation


Yoga plus Meditation equals transfomation.

Yoga is a circle of breath and movement. There is no separation, competition, or religious tradition. It is a natural science that is based solely on personal experience. The practice of Yoga is a way to achieve a keener sense of awareness of the true Self. It offers the possibility to reach a higher consciousness through physical, mental & spiritual development.

Yoga enhanced with Meditation, can create a transformation for complete human fulfilment on every level.  The beauty of this practice is that it is all-inclusive.  Yoga is for everyone regardless of personality, body type, faith, race, flexibility, physical or mental conditions. Yoga and Meditation unites us into the one pure state of Divine Love.  Namaste’

Charlene Adelmann, Oasis Yoga & Meditation, MN, Yoga Teacher

Yoga – Just Breathe…at Oasis Yoga, Lakeville

As I guided my Yoga class this morning,  I recognized how completely present I was…connecting with my breath…connecting with the yogi’s breath…completely in the zone. I felt as though my ego self was resting, allowing universal inspiration to flow through me, guiding my words and actions to facilitate an effortless class of breath & movement. I am blessed to connect with others on this level of pure bliss.


Another amazing day of yoga at Oasis Yoga & Meditation!

Charlene Adelmann, Oasis Yoga & Meditation, MN, Yoga Teacher