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My work is to serve all with love, compassion and integrity. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, my "work" permeates into my "job". When I am managing projects for Adelmann Homes, L.L.C. the client is at the top of my list. I am commissioned to be the 'go to girl' for all correspondence with integrity and patience. When I am Organic gardening & farming the job is to return our land to it's original, healthy, sustainable state. When I am teaching Yoga & Meditation or channeling Reiki, the job is to guide us back to our balanced, healthy, sustainable state, where we uncover our infinite peace. As the human race rapidly returns to its universal language of Love - 2020, I am curious, humbled and excited to do my part. From the place of love & light within me to the place of love and light within you, where we sparkle as One loving light...Namaste'

Summer Solstice Oasis Retreat – Guest Information

Organic Oasis Guest Guide 2017

Click link below to view and download Solstice Retreat Information Guide

Oasis_Retreat_Guest_Information – download pdf

Organic Oasis Farm
23733 Hamburg Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044

Organic Oasis Farm is located approximately 3 miles south of Lakeville, MN. Your country experience begins when you hit the gravel roads. There are clearly marked location and parking signs located on Hamburg Avenue.

Cell phones – Our Retreats are unplugged – we invite you to be fully present – Leave cell phone in your vehicle.

Mosquitoes  – Apply your bug spray prior to entering. Organic spray provided for use in woods.

Recycling and Trash – Bins provided and marked – no burning of trash in bonfires.

What to Bring: (optional)

  • A cooler – for your own beverages & food. Some events will have an organic meal option, check availability on Oasis Yoga and Meditation Retreat website.
  • Blanket and/or chair –  organic hay bales provided for seating
  • Yoga mat or blanket – for with scheduled Yoga practices
  • Drum or instrument of choice – Drum Circles & bonfires
  • Flashlight – for evening events
  • Clothing and shoes – that are comfortable and can get dirty.

In case of  inclement weather we will move activities to shed. Check your email for notifications.

Retreat Activities

  • Retreat Host will direct you to area for our opening ceremony.
  • Some events will include Ala Carte options for purchase.
  • Readings, Henna tattoos, Massage, Crafts, food, etc.
  • Cash, Credit Cards and PayPal accepted.

An itinerary of scheduled events will be posted for easy reference of scheduled activities. There are 2 indoor restrooms, a first aid kit and RO drinking water located in Gray Farm Shed.

Contact Char Adelmann at loveforlifeforall@gmail.com with any questions.

We look forward to connecting with you in Nature!



One Big Bright Light

Gypsy Circle of Light 
“Maybe when we see, remember, and awaken to who we truly are, human beings can finally move as a collective consciousness from a state of surviving to a state of thriving. We are rolling with the changes. The energy is propelling us forward into our natural state of being.”

This statement was a start of a blog post that I meant to finish…I stumbled across it today, it fits in perfectly with my experience at our Gypsy Circle.

Gypsy Circle of Wellness Providers – Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Energy Balancing and more!

Our Gypsy Circle this week was a true testament to our evolution. We are completely different personalities gathered together with 1 single intention. To use our gift of this life, to share our work with the world, for the greater good of all. One of our tasks is to put together a “gift” for any new Gypsies that want to be a part of this collective of cooperative compassion. We are sharing our experience with details of starting, maintaining and promoting a business with love and support. Easy and Fun!

As we went around the circle holding onto our talking stick, we honored each Gyspy that was sharing, by listening. One gyspy, Melissa Olson, shared her gift of Naturopathic support because she “just wants to make people feel good”, the next Gypsy, Patricia Lowinske, is ready to release her gifts by offering Astrological Readings to include birth charts so others can “explore all their options”, our Shamanic Breathwork facilitator, Deb Irestone, commented how she creates “transformative space for others to come into their wholeness”, our NTP, Monica Delius, shares her passion through her program to “Restart to restore” through physical wellness.

As I looked around the Circle, I knew that I had been here before, with these beings, at a different time in our evolution. Change is wanted, needed and encouraged everywhere. As we progress forward at a rapid speed, the ones coming together in the new spiraling energy are feeling the excitement and expressing joy by sharing our gifts to benefit all.
As a Yoga and Meditation teacher and a Transformative Retreat Hostess, I use themes to encourage, support and empower each individual to “know their own light”. As we come into the knowing of our own light, we reflect light back to all others.

When I left our meeting, I felt whole, complete and perfect. Full of light that was reflected back to me. We are looking for ways to use what comes easy to us to support each other. No competition, no ego, just pure bliss in the knowing that when we support and honor each other we support and honor our entire planet. Our uniqueness is what binds us together as a whole. Instead of judging, dismissing or disempowering each other to raise our individual value, we are accepting, honoring and supporting each other to raise our collective value.

As I go out into this beautiful day, I am reminded of the miracle of life. Joy and ease can encompass our existence in every moment. Know that every act of love and support that you give another is small pebble that ripples out into our communities and into our world.
We are all Whole, Complete and Perfect in our Uniqueness. It’s our differences that connect us. For the greater good…See your light, let your light reflect my light and his light and her light until we are One big bright light!

In Yoga class today at Shamans Hearth, our lights were sending out so much positive energy that it shifted the vibrations in the room so we thought…heck…why not live large and send our happy little chi balls out to shift the vibrations of the World.  Now there’s a great way to explain Namaste’.


Organic Oasis Farm – Hemp Pilot Program 2017

Growing Hemp – A way to replenish the soil.

We did it! Organic Oasis Farm is a qualified participant in the 2017 Minnesota Hemp Pilot Program. And, what an adventure this has been!

Growing hemp at Organic Oasis Farm helps replenish the soil.

Our journey returning our land back to its natural state has been full of challenges. We have focused on the reward of knowing we will be leaving the soil better than when we found it. With that said, it is taking much longer than we expected. The guidelines to certify the land as “Organic” are to allow the land to ‘rest and restore’ for 4 years. It is a parallel concept in Yoga classes. Just like our soil, our physical and mental bodies require ‘rest to restore’. Our bodies are like plants, we also need clean, healthy, organic food to sustain our life as the plants need clean, healthy soil to grow our food.

In the fall of 2016 as I worked up our land in our trusty John Deere tractor, I was disappointed as to how much dust the disc was kicking up. I was hoping after 4 years of letting it rest that it would have had enough time to rebuild it’s organic matter. When I finished discing, I climbed out of the tractor and grabbed a handful of soil,  it crumbled through my fingers. I learned about the soil and how it needs to have organic matter to hold moisture and nutrients from Attina Diffley, who is the Author of “Turn Here For Sweet Corn”. Attina took me out in their field and showed me how real dirt holds together , she even had an earthworm wriggling in her hand. Beautiful, rich organic soil. She mentioned how their land was dust when they 1st purchased the land and how it took years to rebuild. With that memory in mind I began researching…what is the best plant to grow in order to rebuild depleted, conventionally farmed soil?  The answer came up loud and clear.

Plant Hemp – Enrich the Soil
That’s when the research really took off. In the fall of 2016, all our land was officially Certified Organic. Hemp needs to be grown organically. Divine timing! I checked with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Hemp was classified as a controlled substance in Minnesota. Huh? Illegal? Why? It has little to no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects). Well, it was shortly after that, the government recognized their error and the MDA started their 2017 Hemp Pilot Program. I signed up right away! After researching, discussing pro’s and con’s with my husband, Dan and multiple background checks, we were officially approved.

Here we grow!
Our Hemp seed arrival is days away. The anticipation of an Organic Hemp Crop is exhilarating! The soil benefits are tremendous. We are growing our 2017 crop for the hemp oil that will be extracted from the harvested seed. It’s a long road ahead…contracts, soil preparation, organic weed control, even some chicken pellets for some natural fertilizer.

Our Retreats at Organic Oasis Farms will include ceremonies to honor Nature that includes a tour of our Hemp fields.  Join us in our evolution to rest, restore and rebuild our minds, bodies and spirits alongside our greatest sustainer, Mother Earth.


The New Energy – Organic Oasis

As the NEW ENERGY propels us forward, we are called to take action. It is easy and full of joy. We are ready!

How it all began.
Dan and I were driving to the farm yesterday on our way back from getting birdseed, discussing what to call “Our Farm” for Retreats in Nature. Organic Oasis was an idea, so we googled the word “Oasis” and both definitions fit our vision perfectly!

noun, plural o·a·ses [oh-ey-seez]/oʊ ˈ eɪ siz/.
1. a small fertile or green area in a desert region, usually having a spring or well.
2. something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc.: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/oasis

Dan and I have been entrepreneurs since 1987. We started a custom home building company, Dan Adelmann Construction, after both our daughters were born. Our business was built on word of mouth referrals. As our business grew, we took the next step, I became a Realtor in 1990. Business was booming! Our girls worked right along side of us. They helped with construction clean up, played by themselves while we worked, and sometimes even slept in the car when we were finishing up loose ends before closings. Ultimately, they were rewarded with sleepovers at our Model Homes. There were long hours, sacrifices, hard work and many challenges that brought us closer together, as we “worked hard”.

As we progressed financially, we felt there was still something missing in our life. In 1994, we moved to the country to pursue our dream to be farmers and to be closer to the Earth. Dan has been farming since he was 16. His love for the earth and nature was an instant attraction for me. I fell in love with Dan as a farmer. He is amazing with animals and caring for the land. I also have an affinity for Nature. My main focus was and still is – how to get outside, dig in the dirt or just swing and sing. Looking back now, we both recognize the divine plan. Our work is with Earth and Nature.

We continued to build homes, conventionally farm and strive with hard work for more success. Our girls helped with the farm, too. They weeded, rode in the tractor with us and spent extra time with their grandparents when Dad and Mom were working. When we moved South of Lakeville, I used my cosmetology manager’s license to open Char’s Salon, still pursuing what we thought was the American Dream. More, better, bigger, different. As our girls grew, they were ‘successful’ in everything they did. They had good grades, awesome friends, lots of extra curricular activities…then off to college. We thought we had nailed it! The perfect family.

Then I got a phone call that changed my life…our oldest daughter calling from college and asked, “Why do we need to get A’s?” She choked back her tears, frustrated with yet another college test. I answered mindlessly, “I don’t know, it’s what my parents told us we had to do.” In that moment, something shifted. The conditioning of work hard, get good grades, try harder, do more, became absurd. All these years we were trying to get to something or somewhere when we were already there. Looking back now I hope we enjoyed some of the journey amidst the chaos. That is really all there is, the journey is the destination.

Now, in the year 2017, we are living the shift we recognized a decade ago – creating and living in our own unique Oasis, no matter where we are – no longer striving to reach something, someone or somewhere. We are thriving.

As the NEW ENERGY pours in, we are recognizing that everything can be easy! As we follow our path to connect with the Earth, we have slowed it down a bit. Dan’s building what and when he wants, bringing in our daughter Amy, so he can remain computer-free, which in turn frees me up so I can do *my work.

Our farm is now 100% Certified Organic as we begin our 1st year as Hemp farmers in the 2017 Minnesota Hemp pilot program (best crop to enrich our depleted soils). We all create our own unique Oasis through our lives. The question is “how to find it?”. What lights us up, brings us joy, fills us with peace? The answer to those questions is the answer to the new question. What is the NEW ENERGY propelling me towards?

As we continue on our journey, we are doing so with love…love for ourselves, love for all others and love for our planet. We are also committed to only doing what is easy and brings us joy. The NEW ENERGY!

Our new creation begins – Organic Oasis.
Our small organic farm, Organic Oasis is south of Lakeville, north of Northfield, east of Elko and west of Farmington. Here we will share our space with others to allow them the time to create their own unique Oasis – to use their time in Nature as a retreat to move forward. Honor the old, bring in the new.

My sincere wish for all of humanity is that we can find our way out of the illusion of working hard, striving for more, getting “A’s” and becoming ‘successful’ – to finding our way in to what is real. joy, ease, peace in our own unique way.

Thank you for reading my story. Writing is something I’ve dabbled in and wanted to pursue for the years but I was always too busy “working hard”. The “blogging” has encouraged me forward on another dream…to write. Namaste’.


*my work
Reiki For Energy balancing, Yoga & Meditation instruction for inner peace and well being,  Local and Destination Retreats – creating and hosting the space to allow for transformation.

Yoga changes your life

Mexico Wellness Retreats and the Gypsy Circle

Wellcations and the Gypsy Circle – A perfect union.

As I was completing my naturopath appointment with Dr. Susan Anderson, I shared with her some information about our newly formed Gypsy Circle, a collective group of wellness practitioners who came together for the greater good of all. The Gypsy Circle realized, in our collective-life experience, that when we come together to support each other, nirvana happens – the perfect state of happiness – in work, love and life.

We began discussing how the old energy of the pyramid in business is fading away and the new energy of the circle of everybody coming together as equal is what we are evolving into. The concept of Ubuntuhumanity towards others.

Dr. Su asked what we had planned on doing with the Gypsy Circle.  “Travel around spreading love.” I said, “We are ready to facilitate yoga retreats, WellCare fairs, yoga classes, meditation workshops, shamanic breath work, intuitive readings, ceremonies, celebrations, events, the list goes on and on… the excitement of the group is exhilarating.”

That’s when it happened; she turned to me and said. “Would you consider facilitating a retreat with me?” That is the moment everything shifted for me, I was scared, excited, nervous…all the emotions wrapped into one big ball of holy shit…here we grow!

I thought to myself – all the details, all the planning…how could it possibly happen? The Gypsies got to work. What would the retreat be? The list included Reiki sessions, Happy Hour spa foot massage, meditation workshop, yoga classes, ancestral  honoring ceremony, and more.

Puerto Nuevo Grand Luxxe Resort…here we come!

Mountain view out my window.

Before I knew it – we had planned our very first retreat – Mexico WELLCATION 2016. We stayed at a luxury resort, Grand Luxxe Residence, “over the top”, exquisite views of the mountains, the ocean, the endless pools and hot tub’s, the luxury suite, the welcoming smiles, it all took my breath away.

My spirit felt rejuvenated as we did yoga in the gorgeous resort pool.

Sunrise at Grand Luxxe Resort – Puerto Nuevo, Mexico.

We spent mornings watching glorious sunrises while meditating and relaxing.

All of the luxury was outshined by the plethora of education I received in assisting with the facilitation of this yoga retreat that Dr. Sue named a Wellcation. It truly was a union of mind, body and spirit. As the week progressed, the individual transformations became crystal clear. Then I knew…This is it! I have found my calling.

I have experienced 2 phenominal retreats in Mexico with Dr. Su. Our 3rd Yoga Retreat,  is coming up in October 2017. this time we are adding in Reiki attunements and in Suite massage.

Join us for a Wellness Week in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico Grande Luxxe Residence.
Dr. Su • Luxury Suite • Endless Pools • Yoga

Presented by:
Dr. Susan Anderson – Doctor of Naturopathy, Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Guide
Angel Hawk Destinations

Char Adelmann – Reiki Master, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Retreat Coordinator
Oasis Yoga and Meditation

For more information and to register, click on the “Register for Wellcation” button.

Register for Wellcation

The Gypsy Circle and now come “full-circle”. We have found our mission. This is our calling. We help transform lives by sharing our gifts, for the greater good of all. I call this pure bliss.


Reiki Energy for Yoga Class

This weekend I received my Level II Reiki attunement. I then applied the teachings I received to prepare the room for class this morning. Prior to the Yogis entering, I cleared the room and opened it with Reiki. My experience guiding the Hot Fusion Yoga class was more than amazing. I could feel the class healing as they floated on their energized breath. I will use Reiki to prepare for all my classes going forward. My body was trembling after class. It was a feeling of complete presence that cannot be explained, only experienced.

Love to all!

How to Create a Peaceful Life “Inside and Out” with Meditation and Yoga

We can use the movement in our Yoga Classes and the relaxation of Guided Meditations to create a peaceful life “Inside and out”.  The movement in Hot Yoga, for example connects our breath to our body through our mind. One Breath_One Movement. In Guided Meditations we also connect our breath to our thoughts through our mind.  In our exploration of the mind, body, breath connection we learn to recognize the space within us where peace is always present.

Long, smooth breath creates a calm, clear mind and an open, healthy body.

As we practice connecting our breath, mind and body it brings us to that still place within all of us.  In keeping this place clear we learn to respect our troubling thoughts and emotions. We learn to recognize our thoughts as thoughts without attaching any emotion. This enables us to simply allow them to enter and leave our minds. We recognize that by attaching to these troubling thoughts and emotions we begin to clutter up our mind. In our Yoga and Mediation classes  we notice that our breath, mind and body function optimally when they are working together. The fewer non_serving thoughts the mind is distracted with, the better our practice will be.  We create our own practice, calm and open or complicated and chaotic. Our choice.

Learning to be comfortable in this new space of awareness is the next step. Taking the awareness off our mats and into the ‘real’ world is the next.

We can use this space within our awareness to recognize thoughts that are not serving us. When our lives present complicated, emotional or troubling thoughts on the outside, we will know we can go to our peaceful, clear place on the inside. The fewer non_serving thoughts the mind is distracted with, the better our quality of life will be.  We create our own life, calm and open or complicated and chaotic.  Our choice.

My Gramma Gee was right!  It is what’s on the inside that counts.