Char Adelmann – Reiki Master
Yoga & Meditation Teacher
Oasis Yoga & Meditation

For many years Charlene Adelmann, “Char”, lived from the wise words of her Grandma Gee, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” This became her mantra to survive our culture’s obsession with ‘looking good’. In the meantime, her lack of attention to her outward appearance facilitated her lack of attention to the health of her body.  Char remembers, “As I lost touch with my body I began to discover an inner knowing that something was missing….”

In 2003, Char’s journey took an exquisite turn as she found peace within her body on her yoga mat. After her very first yoga class, she knew that she would become a yoga teacher. Char said, “Through yoga I became conscious of my body as an intricate part of my soul’s experience as a human being, and I am called to share this wonderful realization with the world.”

Yoga and Meditation

Char Adelmann is a wellness provider who specializes in Yoga Instruction, Guided Meditations and Energy Balancing Services, for retreats, groups and individuals. She enjoys working with a variety of energy modalities to support relaxation, balancing and rejuvenation for the body, mind and spirit. She is a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher with a professional membership in Yoga Alliance, and also a certified Reiki Master. She earned advanced teaching certificates in Intuitive Coaching as well as Energy Medicine Yoga Level I, Hot Power Fusion, Yin Level I & II, Chair Yoga, Yoga For Children, Yoga Nidra and Restorative Yoga. Char is certified, insured and available to teach Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork to your school, business, or group. Her classes are comprehensive and provide training for all ages and levels.

“Yoga and meditation are balancing modalities that are illuminating the divinity of my infinite spirit along with the health and wellness of my finite body. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my journey into joy with the world.” ~ Char

Charlene Adelmann lives in Lakeville, MN with her husband Dan, on their Organic Oasis Farm. She conducts both private and group classes and retreats all over the world. Locally she is available in Minnesota, South of the River, including: Lakeville, Prior Lake, Credit River, Burnsville, Farmington and Apple Valley.