Universal Language – Love


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

It’s been an amazing time of self reflection for me in the past couple months.  I have been navigating through a roller coaster ride of emotions. How has it been for you?

This recent evolution of our planet has brought me a clearer understanding of myself and my interaction with others.
My realization after years of trying to connect with, support, teach and understand other people is how they are, what they say, what they do or what they think is irrelevant to my well being.  For many years I made other people responsible for my frustrations, my feelings and my actions.
What I now know is how I feel is a direct result of what I am thinking. Period.
No one can make me feel except me. How I feel is directed by the thoughts I am thinking. I make me feel-no one else has that power.  Some people definitely bring into my awareness underlying beliefs/thoughts that I have about myself.  I continue to appreciate these triggers/people and use them to transform my old beliefs about myself aka ‘stinkin’ thinkin’.      “A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking.” Abraham/Esther Hicks
Feeling good is my #1 priority.  The next good thought leads to the next good feeling and vice versa. This is a constant, deliberate practice. My most recent revelation is to forgive myself when I feel anger, frustration, guilt or sadness. Feeling what I’m feeling is okay, in fact the awareness of emotions is the key to our evolution and well being.
Meditation, Yoga, Rituals and being aware of how I’m feeling are my daily appreciation rituals that support my goal to feel good-starting right away when I wake up. I know when I am feeling awful I want to reflect on what I’ve thinking, change my thoughts or stop the momentum and go to bed!
Great resources that have supported my continued expansion are the Landmark Forum (self responsibility), Wayne Dyer (love), Energy Medicine Yoga (self love/awareness) and the teachings of Abraham Hicks (law of attraction).
I appreciate the inspiration of our recent crisis as a time to reflect over what I’m learning to manage my thoughts and ultimately my well being. I know that what is happening on our planet has been divinely orchestrated to bring us to a Universal Language of Love. We are evolving rapidly to a greater love and appreciation for others and at the heart of it all…ourselves.
Love & Light!

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