Yoga Plus Meditation Equals Transformation


Yoga plus Meditation equals transfomation.

Yoga is a circle of breath and movement. There is no separation, competition, or religious tradition. It is a natural science that is based solely on personal experience. The practice of Yoga is a way to achieve a keener sense of awareness of the true Self. It offers the possibility to reach a higher consciousness through physical, mental & spiritual development.

Yoga enhanced with Meditation, can create a transformation for complete human fulfilment on every level.  The beauty of this practice is that it is all-inclusive.  Yoga is for everyone regardless of personality, body type, faith, race, flexibility, physical or mental conditions. Yoga and Meditation unites us into the one pure state of Divine Love.  Namaste’

Charlene Adelmann, Oasis Yoga & Meditation, MN, Yoga Teacher

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